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This page contains an interactive Bible study that you can do at home.  These Bible studies are changed each week, and they coordinate with the Bible lessons taught in Morningside's Sunday School each Sunday.

The At-Home Bible Study is easy to use.  Simply print this page, get your Bible and a pen or pencil, and begin learning.  If your Bible isn’t handy, click on the verse references to read the Bible verses on your computer screen.  The studies are interactive, so you will be asked to read specific scripture verses and answer questions.  You'll be amazed how much you will learn from God's Word, the Bible.

Bookmark this page and come back each week to study the Bible in your own home.  To further your Bible learning, come to Sunday School at Morningside Baptist Church each Sunday at 8:45 a.m.

Introduction Map This Quarter's Lessons

October 2, 2016

Philippians 3:17 - 4:7

Citizens of Heaven




What does it mean to be a citizen?

One who is a citizen belongs to a certain nation or state.  That person has loyalty to and is bound by the laws of his or her nation, and in return comes under the protection of that nation.

Citizens of certain places sometimes display similar characteristics.  For instance, Missouri is known as “The Show Me State” because Missourians have historically required proof and demonstrated skepticism.  Philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love, so its citizens are supposed to be friendly.

How are citizens of heaven supposed to behave?  What actions and attitudes should mark the life of someone who is a citizen of heaven?  Read the following verses to find out.

Philippians 3:17

Who did Paul say the Philippian believers should follow?


Paul’s Christian life was such that he could confidently tell others to watch the way he behaved and follow his example.  Can others learn how to live for the Lord by watching you?

Philippians 3:18

Many other people did not walk the way Paul did.  What did he call them?


How did Paul feel toward these people?


Philippians 3:19

This verse contains four descriptions of those who are enemies of the cross:

  1. “Whose end is _______________”
  2. “Whose God is their _________”
  3. “Whose glory is in their _________”
  4. “Who mind ___________ things”


Rather than focusing on Jesus Christ as Paul did (Phil. 3:10-14), the enemies of the cross focus their thoughts on worldly things.  Those who love the world are enemies of God (James 4:4) and do not have the love of God within them (1 John 2:15).

Philippians 3:20

The word conversation in this verse refers to one’s citizenship in a civil community.  Where did Paul say his citizenship was?


Paul was a Roman citizen (Acts 22:25-29), but he spent most of his life outside Rome.  Where he lived didn’t cancel out Paul’s Roman citizenship.  Similarly, Christians are citizens of heaven, but they currently live outside of heaven.  If you are a genuine believer in Jesus Christ you are a citizen of heaven, even though you are not yet living there.

Philippians 3:20

Who was Paul looking for?


Philippians 3:21

What will Jesus Christ do when He returns?  He “shall __________ our ________ body, that it may be fashioned like unto _______ glorious ________” (for more on this see 1 Cor. 15:51-53).  What is Jesus able to subdue?


Philippians 4:1

How did Paul describe the Philippians?


What is the first word of this verse?


The word therefore connects the preceding verses to the ones that follow.  Since we are citizens of heaven, we should live like chapter 4 tells us to.  Read on to find out more.

Philippians 4:1

What did Paul tell them (and us) to do?


Philippians 4:2

Euodias and Syntyche were two women in the church who were quarreling and causing strife.  What did Paul tell them to do?


Philippians 4:3

What did he say to do for those who labored with him in the ministry?


The names of all believers are recorded in the Lamb’s Book of Life (for more on this see Rev. 13:8; 17:8; 20:12-15; 21:27).

Philippians 4:4

“___________ in the Lord __________: and again I say, ___________.”


Philippians 4:5

What should we demonstrate to all men?




Philippians 4:6

Careful means anxious, worried, or full of cares.  What should we be worried about?


What should we do about the things that concern us?


Philippians 4:7

What happens when we take our concerns to God?


Concluding Thoughts: Those who are citizens of heaven should:

1.     Stand fast in the Lord (4:1)

2.     Be unified (4:2)

3.     Help others (4:3)

4.     Rejoice (4:4)

5.     Be marked by moderation (4:5)

6.     Not worry (4:6)

What is the result of this kind of living (4:7)?  Peace!

Are you living like a citizen of heaven?  Can others use you as an example of how a genuine Christian should live?

If you don’t know Jesus, read the verses printed on the back of this book, confess your sin, and place your trust in Him.  If you already know the Lord, recommit yourself to living like you should.



Project: Memorize Philippians 4:6.  When worries arise, pray.

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