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This page contains an interactive Bible study that you can do at home.  These Bible studies are changed each week, and they coordinate with the Bible lessons taught in Morningside's Sunday School each Sunday.

The At-Home Bible Study is easy to use.  Simply print this page, get your Bible and a pen or pencil, and begin learning.  If your Bible isn’t handy, click on the verse references to read the Bible verses on your computer screen.  The studies are interactive, so you will be asked to read specific scripture verses and answer questions.  You'll be amazed how much you will learn from God's Word, the Bible.

Bookmark this page and come back each week to study the Bible in your own home.  To further your Bible learning, come to Sunday School at Morningside Baptist Church each Sunday at 8:45 a.m.

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August 24, 2014

James 3:18 - 4:17

Wicked Worldliness




Think of all the bad news you hear in a day’s time.

A local convenience store clerk is killed during an armed robbery.  The church down the road is embroiled in a bitter conflict and a split seems inevitable.  The marriage of yet another of your friends breaks up, evidently because of adultery.  A coworker who is only days away from retirement is suddenly killed by a drunk driver.

Why do such terrible things happen?  How should Christians live, in light of the fact that we are surrounded by all this wickedness?  Read James 3:184:17 to learn the answers to those questions.

James 3:18

What do those who make peace sow?


Worldly wisdom (James 3:14-16) produces envy, strife, and confusion; but those who have God’s kind of wisdom scatter righteousness and peace wherever they go.

James 4:1

“From whence come ________ and _____________ among you?”  The words among you reveal that this is about conflict between Christians.  Where does this conflict come from?


James 4:2

We’ve already learned that our sins begin with the lusts of our flesh (James 1:14-15).  Where do such lusts lead?


Why do we not have what we need?


James 4:3

Why do we not always get what we ask for?


God is not obligated to answer selfish prayers motivated by the selfish lusts of our flesh.

In verse 4 James addressed his readers as adulterers and adulteresses.  While physical adultery was probably present within the church (just as it is today), the main idea here is spiritual adultery.  We commit spiritual adultery when we have been purchased by Jesus and are part of His bride but we continue to love the world and its pleasures and attractions.

James 4:4

What is friendship with the world?


The person who is “a friend of the world” is what?


James 4:5

What does the human spirit cause us to do?


James 4:6

“But He giveth more _________.  Wherefore He saith, God resisteth the _________, but giveth grace unto the __________.”


James 4:7

“__________ yourselves therefore to God.”  How should we respond to the devil?


What will this cause the devil to do?


James 4:8

What happens when we draw near to God?


What should we do with our hands (our actions) and hearts (our desires)?


James 4:9

A truly repentant person will grieve over his sin.


James 4:10

What will God do if we humbly repent and confess our sins?


James 4:11

Why shouldn’t we speak evil of other Christians?


James 4:12

Who is the one lawgiver?


James 4:13

James next addressed those who say: “_________ or ____________ we will ______ into such a city ….”


James 4:14

What do we really know about tomorrow?


How is our life described?


James 4:15

How should we state our plans for the future?


James 4:16

How does God describe boasting about tomorrow?


James 4:17

“Therefore to him that ___________ to do ________, and doeth it _______, to him it is _______.”


Concluding Thoughts: Have you ever had a really good friend with whom you spent a lot of time?  The closer you became to that friend, the more alike you became.  You learned his or her habits, likes, dislikes, and manner of speaking.  Before long you adopted many of those expressions, behaviors, and habits.  Friends have a great deal of influence on us – either for good or for bad.

The same is true about friendship with the world.  If you are a friend of the world you will do the wicked things the world glorifies.  The world promotes lust, fighting, adultery, envy, filthiness, evil speaking, and prideful boasting.  Those words represent the nature of the world, and that’s why we hear so much bad news.  The world is wicked and those who live in the world do wicked things.

If you’re a Christian, you shouldn’t be involved in worldly behavior.  You have to live in the world, but you don’t have to be controlled by the world.  Confess your sins and ask God to enable you to keep yourself unspotted by the world.


Project: Memorize James 4:7.  Watch your behavior closely this week to see if you’re acting like the world or like Jesus Christ. 

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