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This page contains an interactive Bible study that you can do at home.  These Bible studies are changed each week, and they coordinate with the Bible lessons taught in Morningside's Sunday School each Sunday.

The At-Home Bible Study is easy to use.  Simply print this page, get your Bible and a pen or pencil, and begin learning.  If your Bible isn’t handy, click on the verse references to read the Bible verses on your computer screen.  The studies are interactive, so you will be asked to read specific scripture verses and answer questions.  You'll be amazed how much you will learn from God's Word, the Bible.

Bookmark this page and come back each week to study the Bible in your own home.  To further your Bible learning, come to Sunday School at Morningside Baptist Church each Sunday at 8:45 a.m.

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December 21, 2014

Matthew 1

The Birth of Jesus




December 25 is the day we call “Christmas Day.”  For centuries it has been the date Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  In recent decades, however, Christmas has simply become a day most people enjoy as a holiday from work, a chance to get together with family members, and a time to exchange gifts.  Retailers love Christmas because they make a lot of money.

Jesus Christ isn’t mentioned much anymore.  In fact, the word “Christmas” is quickly disappearing in favor of more politically correct names such as “Winter Holiday.”

The world may forget the real reason the Christmas holiday was instituted, but God’s people must not.  We celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ, which forever changed the course of human history.  If Jesus had not been born, we would all be doomed to hell.  Read Matthew 1:1-25 to celebrate Jesus and thank Him for coming into our sin-darkened world.

Matt. 1:1

“The book of the ____________ of Jesus Christ.”  The Old Testament is the story of Adam and his descendants (Gen. 5:1).  The New Testament is the story of Jesus and His children.


Matt. 1:2-5

Jesus’ earthly ancestry goes back to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and through the tribe of Judah.  The Boaz and Ruth named here are the persons described in the Old Testament book of Ruth.


Matt. 1:6

“And Jesse begat _________ the king.”


Verses 7-17 describe the rest of Jesus’ family tree.  This was Jesus’ legal genealogy, through His earthly stepfather, Joseph.

Matt. 1:18

“Now the _________ of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as His mother ________ was ____________ to Joseph, before they ________ ____________, she was found with child of the ________  _________.”


The word espoused is similar to our word “engaged,” but much stronger.  Espousal was legally binding and required a legal divorce to break.  Basically, an espoused couple was legally married, but not yet living together or having any physical contact.

Who was the Father of Mary’s child?

Matt. 1:19

What did Joseph want to do when he learned of Mary’s pregnancy?


Matt. 1:20

Who appeared to Joseph?


What did he tell Joseph?


Who did he say was the Father of the child?


Matt. 1:21

“And she shall bring forth a _______, and thou shalt call His name _________.”  What did the angel say this Son would do (see also Luke 19:10)?


Matt. 1:22

Why was all this done?


Hundreds of years earlier, God spoke through His prophets to foretell these miraculous events.  Read Isaiah 7:14.

Matt. 1:23

Who would bring forth this Child?


Jesus Christ was born of a virgin.  He had an earthly mother (Mary), but he had a Heavenly Father.  If Jesus had been born of an earthly mother and an earthly father, then He couldn’t be God. The virgin birth is one of the foundational doctrines of Christianity: if Jesus was not born of a virgin, then He wasn’t God and He couldn’t save anybody from their sins.

Matt. 1:23

What does the name Emmanuel mean?


Matt. 1:24

What did Joseph do?


Matt. 1:25

The word knew refers to having sexual relations (“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain” – Gen. 4:1).  How did Joseph treat Mary?


What did he name the baby?


Concluding Thoughts: Jesus’ birth was foretold hundreds of years before it took place and it happened just as God said it would.  Jesus is God and He has always existed, but He came into our world through the womb of a virgin named Mary.  Jesus Christ is the God-Man – all God and all man. 

Why did Jesus come?  He came to “save His people from their sins.”  Jesus Christ, the God-Man, put Himself in our place by taking the penalty of our sin upon Himself on the cross.  Since He paid the price for our sin, He offers forgiveness and new life to anyone who wants it.  That’s why we celebrate His birth at Christmas.

Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?  If not, please read the verses printed on the back of this book, confess your sin to God, ask Him to forgive you, and ask Him to save you.  If you place your trust for eternity in Jesus Christ you will have the best Christmas ever!


Project: Tell someone about the true significance of Christmas this week.  Don’t miss Sunday School this Sunday. 

Merry Christmas!

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