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This page contains an interactive Bible study that you can do at home.  These Bible studies are changed each week, and they coordinate with the Bible lessons taught in Morningside's Sunday School each Sunday.

The At-Home Bible Study is easy to use.  Simply print this page, get your Bible and a pen or pencil, and begin learning.  If your Bible isn’t handy, click on the verse references to read the Bible verses on your computer screen.  The studies are interactive, so you will be asked to read specific scripture verses and answer questions.  You'll be amazed how much you will learn from God's Word, the Bible.

Bookmark this page and come back each week to study the Bible in your own home.  To further your Bible learning, come to Sunday School at Morningside Baptist Church each Sunday at 8:45 a.m.

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December 6, 2015

Romans 9:1-24

The Sovereign Savior




Have you ever seen a potter work with clay?  The potter can skillfully and carefully transform a shapeless lump of clay into a beautiful dish, bowl, or vase.

If you have any fine china or a curio cabinet, go and get the prettiest piece of pottery you own.  As you look at it, think about these two important truths:

1.      That beautiful pottery began as an ugly lump of clay.

2.      The potter had the power to make that clay into anything he wanted. 

Rather than a simple flowerpot or an ugly brick, the potter chose to make a beautiful piece of pottery.  The clay had no choice in the matter.  The potter exercised sovereign control over the clay.  A dictionary definition of sovereign is “One that exercises supreme, permanent authority.”[1]  In this lesson you will learn that the Lord Jesus Christ is our sovereign Savior.

Romans 9:1-2

What did Paul feel in his heart?


Romans 9:3

Paul’s “kinsmen according to the flesh” were his fellow Jews.  How deep was his concern that they accept Jesus Christ?


Romans 9:4-5

List below some of the benefits the Jews enjoyed simply because they were Jews:



Romans 9:6

Even though God had made wonderful promises to the Jews, many did not follow Him, “For they are not all __________, which are of __________.”


Romans 9:7

Does being a descendant of Abraham automatically make you right with God?


Abraham had two children, Ishmael and Isaac; but God’s promises concerning Abraham’s descendants only applied to Isaac and his children.  Ishmael and his descendants were “children of the flesh” (verse 8), so they were excluded from God’s covenant promises.

The point of these verses is that your parents can’t make you right with God.  The Jews were not right with God because they were descendants of Abraham.  In the same way, no one is a Christian simply because his or her parents were Christians.

Romans 9:10-11

Isaac’s wife Rebekah conceived twin boys (Jacob and Esau).  Before they were born, had either of them done anything good or evil?


Romans 9:12

What did God decide before the twins were born?


The last half of verse 11 explains why God did this: “That the ___________ of God according to election might stand, not of _________, but of Him that ___________.”  God sovereignly chose Jacob and his descendants to be the recipients of all the promises He had made to Abraham.  This was God’s choice, not based upon Jacob’s goodness, merit, or works.

Romans 9:13

“As it is written, Jacob have I _________, but Esau have I _________.”  God decided this before Jacob and Esau were born!


Romans 9:14

Is God unfair or unrighteous to make such a choice?


Romans 9:15

What did God tell Moses?


Romans 9:16

“So then it is not of him that ___________, nor of him that ___________, but of _______ that showeth _________.”


Romans 9:17

Why did God raise up Pharaoh?


Romans 9:18

“Therefore hath He _________ on whom He will have _________, and whom He will He _____________.”


Romans 9:19

God knew some people would consider Him unfair.


Romans 9:20

Do we have the right to talk back to God?


“Shall the thing __________ say to _______ that formed it, _______ hast thou made me thus?”


Romans 9:21

Describe the power a potter has over the clay:



Romans 9:22-23

Just as the potter can make vessels of honor and dishonor from the same lump of clay, these verses tell us there are people who are “vessels of wrath fitted to destruction” (v. 22) and others who are “vessels of mercy … prepared unto glory” (v. 23).


Romans 9:24

Who are the “vessels of mercy?”


Concluding Thoughts: Does God have the right to treat people differently?  Look up the following verses to see how the Bible describes humans. 

Psalm 103:14 – God knows that we are __________

Genesis 18:27 – Abraham realized he was ______________

Job 33:6 – Job realized he was made from the _________

Isaiah 64:8 – We are the ________ and God is the __________

If you are a believer, you were not saved because you are a good person or because your parents were Christians and raised you in church.  Your salvation was entirely the work of your sovereign Savior who chose you before the foundation of the world (Eph. 1:4; Rev. 13:8).  Your Savior is sovereign (possessing supreme, permanent authority), and He chose to save YOU!  Through his sovereign act He gave you new life.  What a blessing!

If you are not yet a believer but you want to be, that’s because God is drawing you to salvation (John 6:44).  Don’t ignore that drawing.  Please read the verses printed on the back of this book, confess your sins, and place your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank God that in His sovereign authority He chose to save you.



Project: Memorize Romans 10:9-10.  Who do you know that needs to know Jesus Christ as his or her Savior?  Ask God to give you an opportunity this week to tell that person how to be saved.

[1] The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition.  Copyright © 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company.  Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

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